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Date Posted: April 6, 2019 Last Modified: June 30, 2023
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Ad transparency tools will help users have a check over political ads in India
Social media prone to more misuse and spread of misinformation at times of elections
Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp remove 500 posts in the last 48 hours
Facebook adds a new feature to tackle "low-quality" content
Facebook rep lands up at FB user's doorsteps
FB takes AI help to shut down accounts spreading misinformation
Facebook bans white extremist content in the US
Facebook faces challenge to curb BJP's fake news factory
Users won't be added to WhatsApp groups without their consent
Checkpoint Tipline, introduced by WhatsApp, is not a helpline number
WhatsApp launched Tip line ahead of general elections
Facebook and WhatsApp have become fake news factories in India
Facebook has advertising lead ahead of elections
Facebook deletes suspicious accounts from both India and Pakistan
Parliamentary Panel asks FB to check misuse of information
Facebook claims of limiting false news stories
WhatsApp to take active steps on fake news: Country head
FB reviewers complain of high pressure, low-paying job
FB restores Page after banning it over fascism warning
Facebook fixes security issue over passwords in 'readable' format
Advertisers to provide verifiable contact details before running campaigns
WhatsApp refuses to comply with govt on misinformation
WhatsApp to be more proactive on fake news
WhatsApp will not trace the origin of messages
District Election Department issues advisory to WhatsApp admins
WhatsApp and NASSCOM to tackle misinformation
Facebook to flag false information ahead of elections
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