Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp remove 500 posts in the last 48 hours

Date Published: April 12, 2019 Last Updated: April 12, 2019

Facebook has announced a major change in its algorithm by introducing a metric called Click-gap. This will allow users to see "low-quality" content in their news feed. Facebook will also incorporate a new "collaborative process" into its news feed which will allow the platform to consult journalists, fact-checking experts, academics, civil-society organisations to build a feature groups of Facebook users can refer to journalistic sources to check claims made in a potentially false content. The

  • The EC claimed that social networking platforms Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook removed over 500 posts, advertisements, accounts and other objectionable content found in violation of the Representation of the People Act and the model code of conduct, abiding by their request.
  • A voluntary code of ethics was signed between EC and social media giants in March in which the platforms had agreed to comply with legal requests from EC to remove content in violation of 48-hour silence period, within 3 hours.
  • An EC officer claimed that around 468 posts were reported to Facebook which were removed in past 48 hours. The posts included violations of MCC and voter misinformation. One post was from Karnataka, two from Assam and the remaining from Telangana, whereas 32 advertisements active in Telangana were removed. “Seven advertisements and two post are reported, awaiting action,” the EC said.
  • Twitter has removed two accounts while action on 39 others is awaited. The reports says that out of the two, one was fake account of CEO UP which was deleted, whereas the other account was promoting religious animosity amongst communities, which was suspended. Around 39 tweets are reported on account of MCC violations.
  • The EC also said that the account of one WhatsApp user was disabled owing to spreading of a content promoting religious animosity amongst various communities.