FB reviewers complain of high pressure, low-paying job

Date Published: March 31, 2019 Last Updated: March 31, 2019

Facebook content moderators in India are facing a situation of working in high-pressure jobs for very little money, according to an investigative report by Reuters. Content moderators are hired on a contractual basis for a job by Genpact in Hyderabad which requires them to review around 2,000 posts on Instagram and Facebook over an eight-hour shift, which means they spend roughly four minutes on each post, all for low pay. Salary slips indicate that the entry level payment for such jobs is ₹1

  • Facebook finds itself in trouble as content moderators are found to be underpaid for working under highly stressful conditions, according to an investigative report by Reuters.
  • Facebook has deployed around 1,400 employees via Genpact who told the report on conditions of anonymity about the stressful, underpaid work they have to undergo.
  • Facebook has denied any such allegations and said that it gives additional benefits which makes the real salary much higher.
  • Facebook also claimed of introducing new code of conduct and and introducing annual compliance audit for its vendor policies.
  • The report comes a day after a sensational revelation by The Verge for Facebook employees in Arizona, California where the employees were found having sex on stairways and in rooms for lactating mothers as a measure for "trauma-bonding".