Staff: Pallavi Krishnappa

Date Posted: April 6, 2019 Last Modified: June 30, 2023
All Controversies
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Facebook, Google pressured EU expert group to soften fake news regulations
Facebook patent plans to scan users' photos for ads
FB battles privacy concerns over Cambridge Analytica scandal
Facebook, Greenpeace settle green energy feud
Facebook's Terms of use sparks controversy
Facebook settles Sponsored Stories dispute
FB terminates Beacon program over privacy lawsuit
FB user loses lawsuit alleging violations of disabilities act
Facebook and Think Computer Corporation resolve trademark dispute
Facebook fights Ceglia's claim of 84% ownership
Facebook caught in federal lawsuit over Zynga scam ads
Facebook settles ConnectU dispute
Facebook censors posts on Indian Kashmir
Protests mount over Facebook ban on breast-feeding photos
Facebook censors Russian word “moskal”
Norway criticises Facebook for censoring war image
Facebook accused of censoring conservative news
Facebook banned from government organisations
Schools block access to Facebook
Facebook censors its search function
Facebook loses Free Basics battle in India
Facebook deletes statuses without warning
FB tackles several downtime and outage failures
Facebook sued for 'tracking' users
Facebook retires its troubled email service
Facebook's Safety Check malfunctions after Pakistan bombing
Facebook bans white nationalist and separatist content
Facebook's blue tick for convicts
Facebook's anti-Israel bias revealed
FB groups trading lewd photos of women
Facebook criticised for child abuse images
Facebook removes "pro-rape" pages
Italy moves to ban Facebook pro-mafia groups
Facebook urged to clamp down on pro-anorexia groups
Facebook Live condemned over violent use
Facebook reverses ban on graphic content
Facebook cracks down on online video piracy
Facebook stored millions of passwords unprotected
Facebook caught lobbying against data privacy laws
Apps share sensitive user data with FB
Beware of sketchy retailers on Facebook
Facebook users cannot avoid location-based ads
Facebook exempts tech giants from privacy wall
Facebook bug exposes private photos
Facebook apps in online privacy breach
Ireland asks Facebook to comply with European law
FB discontinues Onavo and Facebook Research
Facebook embroiled in data mining controversy
Canada launches Facebook privacy probe
Weak privacy laws aid government surveillance
Facebook users protest over News Feed features
Facebook's 2007 battle with privacy
Zuckerberg family pic stirs Facebook privacy debate
FB bans Myanmar military accounts over rights violations
Facebook blamed for riots in Sri Lanka
Facebook paid £2.9m tax on £840m profits made outside US
All Research
Title Date
Influence industry digital platforms, technologies and data in the General Elections
Real solutions for fake news?
Fake news propagate differently from real news even at early stages of spreading
The safety of digital democracy
Making sense of media lies
Contextualising Fake News in Post-truth Era
Fake news as a two-dimensional phenomenon
Reuters Institute India Digital News Report
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Wisdom of the crowd
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Stopping fake news
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Detection of maliciously authored news articles
#FakeNews: innocuous or intolerable?
The agenda-setting power of fake news
Dezinformatsiya: The past, present and future of ‘fake news’
Truth and trust: How audiences are making sense of fake news
Checking what students know about checking the news
Geographic and temporal trends in fake news consumption during the 2016 US Election
Truth of varying shades: Analysing language in fake news and political fact
Fighting misinformation on social media using crowdsourced judgments
Dead Reckoning Navigating Content Moderation After “Fake News"
Real or fake news: Who knows?
Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2018
Combating fake news: An agenda for research and action
Mitigating fake news: A systematic literature review
India and misinformation
Lies, spies and big data: How fake news is rewriting political landscapes
The science of fake news: Addressing fake news requires a multidisciplinary effort
Social media, political polarisation, and political disinformation
A global inventory of organised social media manipulation
Fake news: Can it save traditional, mainstream media?
Fake news research project
Social media research after the fake news debacle
Weeding out fake news: An approach to social media regulation
Can Information Literacy impact how students evaluate information on social media
Fighting fake news and post-truth politics with behavioural science
The new media's role in politics
Media Literacy, Democracy, and the Challenge of Fake News
Belief in Fake News
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Prior exposure increases perceived accuracy of fake news
Current state of the art to detect fake news in social media
Fake news detection in social media
Disinformation and fake news
A real plague
The fake news machine
Fake news and advertising on social media
Countering misinformation (fake news) in India
Selective exposure to misinformation
Satire or fake News
The effects of fake news on consumer trust in social media marketing
Methods to Identify Fake News in Social Media Using Machine Learning
Fake news: As the problem or a symptom of a deeper problem?
Fake News Detection on Social Media
Less than you think
Fake news, false information and more: countering human biases
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Disinformation, fake news and influence campaigns on Twitter
Fake news: National security in the post-truth era
Measuring the reach of 'fake news and online disinformation in Europe
Fake news: False fears or real concerns?
The Sociology of Fake News
Fake news, Facebook ads, and misperceptions
The spread of true and false news online
The Fake News Game: Actively Inoculating Against the Risk of Misinformation
Trends in the diffusion of misinformation on social media