Can Information Literacy impact how students evaluate information on social media

Date Posted: May 25, 2019 Last Modified: May 25, 2019
With the rise of Fake News on Social Media, can Information Literacy impact how students evaluate information on their social media channels? Photo: Susan_Moore_Cool, Flickr

Despite a significant rise in fake news online, very few studies have examined its impact on students. This research explores the role information literacy, in particular information evaluation has on third level students' ability to evaluate information on their social media. The study uses the questionnaire method which was disseminated through the Dublin Business Moodle site. 

  • The findings from the questionnaire showed half the students as being unaware of the term information literacy or information skills. However, the majority are familiar with the use of literacy skills, such as referencing and online evaluation.
  • Students were also found less likely to verify information on social media as compared to verification while writing an assignment.
  • This lack of information verification on social media is a gap that needs to be filled with information literacy skill training. The study suggests librarians and information professionals to teach students the same.