Fake news: Can it save traditional, mainstream media?

Date Posted: May 27, 2019 Last Modified: May 27, 2019
Fake news: Can it save traditional, mainstream media? Photo: Book Catalog, Flickr

The phenomenon of fake news presents an opening for traditional news media to regain momentum. Fake news presents a chance for mainstream news media to rebuild and re-establish its credentials against social media giants like Facebook which act as a source for disseminating volumes of fake and real news. The paper also suggests several recommendations for traditional media companies and organisations to safeguard against becoming victims of fake news while challenging internet giants like Facebook and Google. 

  • Fake news has highlighted the need for the long-established strengths of traditional news media outlets - checking the source, fact-check and well-regulated journalism as opposed to click bait. The rise of fake news signal an even greater need for traditional media to rebuild themselves.
  • Until now, traditional media hasn't been able to fight back or react to the challenge posed by Google and Facebook other than to cut costs. The current post-truth scenario gives the traditional media an opportunity to regain momentum.
  • The paper recommends organisation to guard against fake news while challenging mainstream media by engaging with traditional media and working towards becoming trusted sources in their sectors.