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Featured Watchdogs
  • Michigan Truth Squad

    The Michigan Truth Squad checks the truth and accuracy of Michigan political advertisements. The objective is to make Michigan a better place by by encouraging greater understanding and involvement in policy issues among the state’s citizens and making sure their voices are regularly heard. It is incorporated as a nonprofit corporation. 

  • Fact Checker (Washington Post)

    From columnist Glenn Kessler, focusing on accuracy of statements of political figures "regarding issues of great importance, be they national, international or local" is of utmost importance. In a busy, 24-hour news cycle, it's hard to spot the truth behind the rhetoric. We're doing it for you.

  • Hoaxy

    Hoaxy is a tool that visualises the spread of articles online found on Twitter, or in a corpus of claims and related fact checking. The Hoaxy corpus tracks the social sharing of links to stories published by two types of websites: (1) Low-credibility sources and (2) Independent fact-checking organisations.

Featured Tools
  • Fake news detector by DareDevelopers

    This extension for Chrome marks fake news in the pages that you are browsing. The extension marks fake news in red and in orange the clickbait or probably fake news links. On Facebook, page may load new posts while scrolling which could cause problems to our detector. Click on the logo again to resolve the issue.

  • [M|D]isinformation Reading List

    A list of non-academic readings related to different aspects of "fake news” covering the impact of advertising, its role in the US election, the growing awareness of disinformation campaigns aimed at upcoming European elections, and some psychological theories that help explain why our brains can be so easily fooled.

  • Factitious

    Factitious is a game for testing your skill at identifying fake news stories. The game was developed by the American University Game Lab and the American University's School of Communication tasked with exploring the intersection of journalism and game design. It doesn’t take too long to play and gives great insights.

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